Finding a variety of feathers for sale can be a challenging endeavor. Second rate chopped and dyed feathers are available at some hobby stores, but buying from a bird owner will give the best quality.
Feathers can be utilized for tying fishing flies, costumes, jewelry, and many other crafty projects. Try making a dream catcher or a necklace. Fans, large or small are very sellable and are used in dance, as part of a costume or in ceremonies. Decorating with feathers is trendy. Try a vase full of colorful Macaw and pheasant plumes or add a few feathers in with your flowers. Update your fall wardrobe with several well placed pieces or layer over a mini skirt for something fabulous.
Look for feathers specific to your project, know the sizes and colors to look for. They should be clean and may have visible barbs on the end of the quill. Sizes can range from an inch to over 25 inches inch to 26 inches long. This should be noted by your seller, but if not just ask. Also if shade of color needs to be very specific,ask the seller to verify as sometimes (depending on your computer) shade could be off a tad.
Whether you need to find Feathers for Sale for crafts, costumes, or fly tying, I am sure you want to find the best price. To find the best deals on quality, cruelty free feathers click around this site and I'm sure you will find exactly what you need along with advice and instruction. You may end up finding out more than you wanted to about finding feathers for sale.
Just had to add a side note here. I have been seeing the most beautiful feather accessories this season. I will be adding a post a little later devoted to adding a feather touch to your look. Just thought I'd give you a heads up though in case you want to get started collecting feathers to work with.