Feather Wreath

Feather Boa Wreath

There are many ways to use feathers for Christmas decor and feather wreaths are probably the most spectacular. I am going to take you through the easy process of creating three different styles, after that let your imagination take over!
The first and maybe the simplest is a feather boa wrapped around a wreath form. Start with a styrofoam form in the size and shape of your choosing. I use a round 16" for a large door. Feather boas come in many different colors. I choose one color usually either red, white, green,or silver gray, because I like the solid color effect. Now warm up the glue gun or you can use small thumb tacks the same color as your feathers.
Take the end of the boa and fasten it with a drop of the glue or a tack to the foam. from there begin to wrap the strand around the form adhering the boa at least every two wraps as you go. You may need two boas for this job. After the form is completely wrapped secure the end. And that's it! You have a beautiful fluffy wreath. Keep it simple after that or add a shiny satin bow or sparking ornaments.
The second style is easy too. This time purchase a straw wreath form in the size you prefer. You will need something to poke starter holes and a sharpened pencil or a pen will work. This time you are going to use single feathers. These should be large. Rooster tail feathers work well for this and can be purchased in bright colors. Depending on the size of the wreath you will need about 50 to 75 feathers. Begin around the inside of the wreath form and use your pen to poke a small hole. Insert the pointed end of the feather into the hole and a little farther so it is secure. Continue around overlapping the feathers as you go so the straw doesn't show. Beautiful!
The third wreath I will discuss isn't all feathers. In this wreath you simply use feathers as an accent. Reuse a wreath from last year or buy an inexpensive one to make over. Secure feathers by using glue or tacks depending on the form material. Use a smattering of fluffy marabou feathers or use peacock feathers to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Remember you can find feathers for sale on this site, so have a look around and see if anything strikes your fancy! And remember a feather wreath isn't just for Christmas decor. These are great all year round.